Cost for this Season

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Cost for this Season

Postby matt » 28 Aug 2018, 22:13


Costs for the new season will be as follows. Please note at first glance these are higher than last year, that's because i'm getting fed up of chasing people for money. Please note with the discounts for paying on time they're basically the same, so set up a standing order and you'll be fine. If you don't like the idea of effectively being penalised for late payment, you can 1) turn up to the AGM when it was discussed, or 2) offer to do the finances, then its you can chase everyone.

Firstly August...
Either £5 per session or £20 for the month.

Then September to April

Non team players
£5 a Session
£20 a month (with a £5 discount if paid in the month that it's due, ie when paying for September either pay standing order or with cash in the month of september and it'll only cost £15)

Team players
Registration Fee £30
Juniors £27.50 per month (with a £5 discount if paid on time making it £22.50)*
Adults £35 per month (with a £5 discount if paid on time making it £30)

If paying is on time is going to be a problem then talk to me in advance and we can sort something out.

The bank account details for setting up a standing order are sort code: 403439 and account no 01398350. If you're setting one up please can i get a one off payment of £30 reg (if you want to play for the team) + anything you owe for august + anything you owe for the summer, followed by your monthly payments starting in sept.

* we are looking at possible funding from Webba that may allow us to make it cheaper for the juniors.

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Postby Brian » 23 Oct 2018, 18:07


We have done a recalculation on the costs for non team players. Because of the number of home matches and away game on a Wednesday ( when we cancel the home court ), the £15 a month is a rubbish deal. Therefore, those who pay monthly will get it for £8 a month or £5 a session. The monthly option works out cheaper because it is easier to organise and encourages attendance. This will be back dated for those who have already paid for October.

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