AGM Minutes 2019

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AGM Minutes 2019

Postby Brian » 30 Jun 2019, 16:56

Held at Nailsea School 7:00 Wednesday 26th June

Present: Brian, Matt N, Rich, Jez, Simon, Chris, Adam, Tomasz, Lucas, Matt V, Alex, Seb, Tom L
Apologies: Mike, Ollie, Carl, Liam, Patrick (next day :roll: )


For references to 2018 AGM see

Application has been submitted to WEBBA - needed to confirm certain assumptions:
    We have entered the Trophy - agreed unanimously
    We have not entered the Cup - agreed 2-1 ( lots of abstentions )
    Brian is nominated referee earning a £40 discount from WEBBA fees - from £200 to £160 not yet paid. However, as noted last year's AGM nobody took the refs course so he should stand down. Brian has petitioned WEBBA to run a local Grade 2 refs course early this season to which WEBBA have agreed if enough people come forward. WEBBA would also potentially subsidise the costs from the development fund. Unless at least one player commits to taking the course, Brian will withdraw from refereeing. This means that Nailsea will have to withdraw from the league or commit to arranging refs for all its home games. A team member will have to come forward to take on that responsibility. None of the existing committee will be responsible.
    The course is 2 days at the weekend. To complete the Grade 2 qualification you then would referee 3 matches with an experienced ref assisting. You can then choose whether you want to referee in the league. Once qualified refs get £12 per match plus 35p per mile travelling expenses. So to ref a match 10 miles from your home you'd get £19. A separate message will be sent regarding this. Taking the Grade 2 refs course would be a good idea for all team members. If you decide not to go into the WEBBA refs pool, that's fine. You will still benefit from a better understanding of the game and help you improve as a player.


We started the season £550 in credit
We closed the season £800 in credit - however £780 of this is unpaid player fees. Last year we implemented a policy where you got a £5 reduction in fees if you paid in time. However, this was not enforced and everyone got the discount because Matt is too understanding.
For this coming season all registered players will have to pay fees by monthly standing order. This keeps the club in credit and saves people from running up big debts. As always if players have long term absences for sickness/injury, the club will refund fees or allow a temporary suspension of standing orders. Proposed Simon, seconded Jez - carried unanimously
New basketballs - proposed we buy a new match ball. Proposed Simon, seconded Adam - carried unanimously
Proposed that club committee members and others who take on responsibilities receive a discount in subs commensurate with the time they put in to helping the club run. Proposed Matt V, seconded Lucas - carried unanimously. Matt will come up with some potential figures and the committee will agree having discussed with the rest of the team.
Proposed we increase Gail's table fee to £15 and offer £10 for someone to do the clock rather than struggle to get a team member. Proposed Matt V, seconded Simon carried unanimously. Jez to ask if one of his juniors is interested, potentially contact the school.

Election of officers:

All officers were elected unopposed. I blame Brexit for the general apathy in taking public office

Secretary - Brian
Treasurer - Matt N
Coach - Matt N
Court hire - Mike ( in abstentia )
Simon - website and publicity
InstaTeam app admin - Rich
Events - Matt V ( promised at least one event this year )

All players encouraged to take up some responsibilities to share the load and help stop the club descending into a totalitarian regime ruled by an aging elite who increasingly lose touch and fail to show any ambition to take the club forward. The youth said "Whatever".


Brian to chase the school about repairing the court floor before it ends up completely like playing on bubble-wrap
Brian to ask the school to consider getting sprung hoops because Jez can't hit a clean shot anymore :o
Kit - we agreed to buy new kit so all players could retain ( and wash ) his own kit. However, the kit still belongs to the club. All players will be asked to pay a refundable deposit for the kit to ensure it does not go missing. Carried unanimously.

Saturday 6th July starts 3pm - 2 hours of free basketball scrimmaging followed by barbie and beer. Bristol Grammar school. Please confirm attendance to Matt N/Brian or on InstaTeam event


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Postby Dylankaz » 01 Nov 2019, 15:12

Are there going to be any more scrimmaging events anytime soon?

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Postby Simon » 05 Nov 2019, 21:02

Check the fixtures page on the main website for all the scheduled training sessions

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